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About First Stop Travel, Travel Company Bury St Edmunds

Overview of Our Services

From a 4 seater taxi to a 33 seater luxury mini coach, we can provide you with a selection of comfortable ways to travel.

Green Commitment

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and are always looking to make changes to help with green issues. As such, we adhere to fuel efficient driving practices.

We provide Sat Nav systems to our drivers, helping with best time travel, lowering the use of fuel and keeping our costs and carbon footprint down. This also ensures that you arrive at your destination with ease and comfort.

Our cleaning chemicals are all from leading companies in the industry.

Driver Commitment

Our on-going training and driver CPC (Driver certificate of competency training) ensures we are leading the way with classroom training. We comply fully with EC drivers' hours rules and with relevant health and safety guidelines.